Rodney Lee

CyberSecurity Evangelist, SVP Firmus Sdn Bhd

Rodney Lee is the SVP - Business Development at Firmus- a leading, award winning regional Cyber Security company with established offices in Malaysia and Singapore. Since its inception in 2008,

Firmus has demonstrated success in safeguarding its clients' businesses - focusing on key areas like Critical National Information Infrastructure, Financial Sector and Large Enterprises Cyber Security Posture, Managed Security Services & Solution, Security Assurance and Assessment.

With over 30 years of experiences in the ICT industry, Rodney has spent the last 20+ years crafting IT Security practices, since the advent of firewall solutions in Malaysia in 1999. He started building SOC practices circa 2000 and continues to provide consultancy and services for customers across industries. Rodney began his career in the Oil & Gas Industry, and has since built a wealth of experiences supporting customers across various industries such as Government, FSI and Telco.

Rodney is passionate about cyber security trends and practices. As a cyber security subject matter expert, he frequently shares his thought leadership at many key industry forums such as Asia Business Forum, Annual IT Security Forums, Central Bank-RMiT Forums and countless seminars across ASEAN countries. In an iconic IS027001 conference, Rodney has shared the stage with Professor Ted Humphrey (the father of BS7799) deliberating cyber security agenda. He also regularly speaks at one of the state Government's CIO/CISO Summits and worked closely with another state Government to build their SOC. Rodney has also been conducting workshops on Malaysia Central Bank's Guideline (RMiT) Compliance since 2016. He is a strong advocate of the importance of Compromise Assessments, aligned to the Central Bank's latest directive issued in May 2021.

As a passionate veteran cyber security practitioner, Rodney personally runs a Cyber Security Threat and Incident Notification Broadcast to more than 150 CIOs/CISOs since 2015. This platform serves to keep the members aware of the increasing threats and vulnerabilities; and how to adequately react to mitigate cyber risks.