Goh Chee Hoh

Managing Director - Trend Micro Malaysia and Nascent Countries

Goh Chee Hoh is the Managing Director for Trend Micro Malaysia and Nascent countries. In this role, he is responsible for overall Business Unit P/L.

Goh joined Trend Micro in early 1997 and since then, he has held various management positions managing SEA, India, Hong Kong, Turkey and Russia.

Prior to joining the security industry, Goh’s experience covers the set-up of a Disaster Recovery Business Unit for a start-up and being an EDP officer/System Analyst in a manufacturing firm. Goh was also with IBM for over a year as a Contract System Specialist, responsible for the management of IBM Malaysia’s Business Recovery Center Operation.

With over 28 years of experience in the IT industry, including more than 23 years specializing in the Content Security Business, Goh’s forte lies in customer service, strategic planning, project implementation, organizational operations and team motivation. He also boasts an extensive understanding of the various challenges that arise from cultural diversity and has in-depth knowledge on trends and issues happening in the region.