Dr. Suresh Ramasamy

CRO, Center for Advanced Computing and Telecommunications

Suresh Ramasamy is a highly accomplished and respected professional
in the field of cyber security and technology. He is currently serving as
the Chief Research Officer and the Chief Information Security Officer
for the Center for Advanced Computing and Telecommunications
(CACT), where he oversees the research and development of the Pan-
Asian cyber threat research group, focusing specifically on the threat
landscape around Asia.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Dr. Suresh has held
multiple leadership roles in various organizations, including Hong
Leong Group and Digi Telecommunications. During his tenure at
Hong Leong Group, he managed 6 countries and 5 entities across the
Hong Leong Financial Group, leading the growth of the financial
group’s digital strategy and moving the bank from an offline business
into an online, modern, user-centric omnichannel presence. He
explored and implemented new technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language
Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, and Digitalization to achieve
this transformation. Dr. Suresh also played a key role in cost optimization initiatives such as
SOC outsourcing and was responsible for the complete revamp of the bank's security
architecture, including platform migration of key security infrastructure.

Prior to Hong Leong Group, Dr. Suresh held various roles in Digi Telecommunications,
spanning to Telenor Asia, where he was instrumental in building the infrastructure hub in
Malaysia specifically for the Asian OpCos as the Chief Privacy Officer. His passion for network
and bricklaying internet infrastructure for the country resulted in building and deploying
Malaysia’s first free WiFi hotspot, the national fiber backbone, and the deployment of
Malaysia’s first Wireless Broadband infrastructure. He also enhanced the existing fixed
network by introducing G.SHDSL network, operated Malaysia’s first ISP-based gaming
infrastructure, and managed ISP data center, providing Internet Service monitoring and shared
infrastructure such as Server-Colocation with 24/7 monitoring.