About The Asia Pacific Cyberattack Response Challenge 2023

Entertaining and educational hybrid e-Sport for teams of 3 players, who are competing to solve cybersecurity-related challenges.

The objective of this competition is to provide a platform for students and professionals to demonstrate their capability to analyse, investigate and respond to different types of cyber incidents.

These involve various technical puzzles from different fields, e.g networking, digital forensics, exploiting or finding vulnerabilities, reconnaissance, attacking Windows/Linux systems or web targets.

Technical tasks may be accompanied also by non-technical puzzles.

For each successful solution teams are awarded points. Throughout the game teams can unlock hints for small penalty points which assist them in the challenges

Competition Information and Fees

  • Open to all (government, industry, academia, CERT/CSIRT, Non-profit organization etc.)
  • Have fundamental understanding of computing and networking technologies
  • A team of 3

Participants should have their own laptop with the following minimum requirements in order to connect to the Cyber Range:

  • OS: MS Windows 10 x64 (or newer), GNU/Linux Ubuntu 18.04 x64 desktop (or newer) or macOS 11 (or newer).
  • CPU: Intel i5 or equivalent (recommended – Intel i7 or equivalent).
  • HDD: 50 GB of free space (recommended SSD based storage).
  • RAM: 8GB (recommended - 16GB).
  • NIC: physical or dongle based RJ45 100/1000 7 Proprietary and Confidential.
  • Participants must have administrator privileges on their laptop.
  • Participants must have a computer with a minimum of 20Mbit/s internet connection.
  • For best experience cabled broadband internet and a Chromium based web-browser should be used.

There can only be one (1) Champion, one (1) 1st Runner Up and one (1) 2nd Runner Up regardless of your team category (Academia, Profit or Non-Profit Organisation, Newly Formed Team, Solo, etc)

1. RM5,000
2. Certificate of Participation
3. Glass Plaque
4. 90-Day PEN-200 course: Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (OSCP) voucher for 3 pax.
5. Limited Edition Asia Pacific Cyberattack Response 2023 Hoodies (Black)

1st Runner Up
1. RM3,000
2. Certificate of Participation

2nd Runner Up
1. RM1,000
2. Certificate of Participation

In the event of cancellation, our ability to refund is limited due to many parties involved and various cancellation policies applies. Our cancellation policy is subject to the conditions listed below. We will not provide a refund for any event, travel or accommodation costs associated with the cancellation of any of our event in conjunction with APSEC2023.
APSEC2023’s organisers, its partners and sponsors accept no liability if any events are cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond our reasonable control resulting from a pandemic, governmental regulation, fire, flood, Act of God, civil commotion, war, terrorist activity or other.

If you are no longer able to attend the event and wish to cancel your registration, please email info@apsec2023.com. Please note that your cancellation is subject to the following:
- Cancellation more than one (1) month before the event: 100% refund of the fees.
- Cancellation 26 days or less before the event: No refund.

Non-Transferable or Substitutions
Please note that due to security reasons, we are unable to transfer or substitute registrations into someone else’s name at any time.

Refund Processing
If you would like a refund of fees paid, requests must be made in writing to info@apsec2023.com. Please note that refunds of registration fees are only available to registrants who cancel their registration 30 days or more prior to the event date.

Sponsorship package for Asia Pacific Cyberattack Response Challenge are limited. First come first serve basis apply.


For more information about the sponsorship, please contact Daisy Sinclair at info@apsec2023.com

Date: Saturday, 20th May 2023
Participation: Online
Time: 10:40am – 3:40pm (GMT+8)
Winner announcement: 4:30pm (GMT+8)

Note: Once registration is completed, we will contact you for briefing and onboarding.

Profit Oriented Organisation

MYR 500 per team
  • 10% Discount if organisations are sending more than one team

Non-Profit Organisation

MYR 500 per team
  • 10% Discount if organisations are sending more than one team

Government/ Public Sector

MYR 500 per team
  • 10% Discount if organisations are sending more than one team


MYR 500 per team
  • 10% Discount if organisations are sending more than one team


MYR 500 per team
  • Discount not applicable

Note: If you’re sending more than 1 team, you’re entitled for 10% discount, please contact info@apsec2023.com for the voucher code

-Registration Closed-